Special Offers


The Shortfill  and shortfill XL is available in a wide array of flavours and the idea is you can add up to 4 bottles of Nicshot to achieve  a nicotine strength from 0mg to 6mg. With both the Shortfill XL bottles reduced and the Nicshots at just £18 per box you will be vaping for significantly less ..... Ask in store today about this time limited offer


What an amazing offer !!

All year round Ecigkiosks try to bring our customers great deals. 
So if you vape shortfills or like to make up your own base to vape this offer is just what you have been looking for. In all our shops NOW

Buy your PG/ VG in Bulk and Save ££'s

For those of you who like to mix up your own base liquids we are offering HUGE savings on VG, PG and VG/PG. Our highest grade Qcigs base liquids are now on sale at just £10 for 1 litre...thats just £1 per 100ml. Ask in any of our shops today about this amazing offer.

Open up a whole new world of exciting flavour possibilities and save yourself some money by mixing up your own recipes using flavour concentrates. Everyone is unique and so why not mix up some tongue tingling tastes just for you. With a huge range of Premium Decandent Vapours flavour concentrates in store we are sure you will be mixing things up in no time. 

One bottle of flavour concentrate will usually make a similar amount of e-liquid as 5 standard pre-mixed bottles (depending on flavour strength). Now save even more money with our fantastic double up deal.