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  • New Additions 80ml
  • Zlide Display
  • New Label x8 50ml 02 Stamp
  • Aegis X
  • Nautilus GT
  • Coil Selection
  • 5 for 10 12 for 20 Mix up

    What our Customers Say ...

    Anna Thompson 14th May 2018

    Thank you so much to the guy that helped me on Saturday in the portadown store after solving the issue with my (Nautilus x tank) and also leaving with the new eleaf Istick power! Back to happy vaping! Thanks!

    Andrew Murtagh 20 th April 2017

    I wanted to write this as a compliment!

    We are all very quick to complain but let the proprietors know that the young gentleman who was working at 5/5.30pm today (20th April) went beyond the call of customer service to ensure I was happy and received everything I needed (and more)

    Sorry I never remember your names but I'm Andrew, formerly of O'Haras coffee shop, if I had staff like him in damn sure I'd never let him go, many thanks to you all, it was Mrs Proprietor (lol) who set me up 7mths ago and I've never touched and ciggy ever since, good luck and continued success with your business(s) see you all again soon ;)